Electronic Control and Monitoring:

TraceNet ECM - designed for all ambient where heat tracing for freeze protection or temperature maintenance is applied
TraceNet TCM2 - Control and Monitor System with two RTD inputs per circuit
TraceNet TCM18 - 18-circuit microprocessor-based temperature control and monitoring module
TraceNet™ TN - Control and Monitoring System with up to 180 Heat Trace Circuits
CVM-12 - Electric heat tracing monitoring - Monitors up to 12 circuits

Electronic Control and Monitoring

Sophisticated control and monitoring requirements are available from Thermon for winterization and process temperature control. Whether it’s a single point electronic thermostat or a multipoint microprocessor-based control and monitoring system, Thermon has a solution for all your applications. (Alternatively, Thermon also offers a complete line of mechanical thermostats for lower cost solutions and smaller systems.)

Temperature Sensors
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