Freeze Protection Thermostat

The C-UL-US listed SST–2 Freeze Protection Thermostat replace electromechanical thermostats in costsensitive applications requiring ground fault equipment protection (GFEP). The SST–2 is listed by Underwriters Laboratories to Standard UL 873 for Temperature-Indicating and -Regulating Equipment.

The SST–2 operates heaters at temperatures below 40°F (4.4°C) and turn them off above 42°F (5.5°C). The external temperature sensor (supplied) is a NEC Class 2 device rated for wet locations.

The SST–2 features a built-in 30 mA GFEP that is digitally fi ltered to minimize false tripping. A ground fault must be manually reset with the TEST/ RESET switch before heater operation can be resumed. The GFEP function is automatically tested along with the heaters whenever power is applied and once every 24 hours thereafter for additional safety.

SST–2 - Freeze Protection Thermostat