SF Cylinder Heater
Cylinder Heating

The SF Cylinder Heater provides a clean, simple and quick method for applying heat to cylinders containing SF6. A 130°F (54°C) cut-out thermostat is designed into each heater to prevent overheating. Heater efficiency is improved through the use of a custom designed cylinder blanket.

SF6 is stored in 9.25" diameter cylinders in liquid form under pressure. Utilities (Transmission and Distribution Divisions) use SF6 circuit breakers for their high voltage (69,000-400,000 volts) transmission lines. The SF6 provides an inert blanketing media that prevents arcing when the breakers open and close. Periodically, maintenance crews need to hook up the storage cylinders to the circuit breakers to add SF6 to the breaker and increase the system’s operating pressure. When the valve is opened and gas flow begins, the cylinder temperature drops rapidly and slows down the flow of SF6 into the circuit breaker. Heat must be added to the cylinder to make up the heat losses caused by vaporizing from a liquid to a gas.

Applying heat safely not only converts this time-consuming activity into an efficient and convenient operation but, also ensures maximum removal of SF6 from the cylinder and eliminates the return of partially filled cylinders.

Operating Voltage: 120 VAC

SF Cylinder Heater - Cylinder Heating

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