B4X-15140 & B7-15140
Ambient Thermostats

The B4X-15140 and B7-15140 are designed to provide ambient sensing control of electric heat tracing circuits for freeze protection of piping and vessels. These adjustable thermostats can be used to control a single heating circuit or as pilot control of a contactor switching multiple heat tracing circuits.

B4X-15140 . . . An epoxy polyamide coated die-cast aluminum NEMA 4X enclosure provides watertight, dusttight and corrosion-resistant protection to the thermostat switch.

B7-15140 . . . An aluminum lacquer finished die-cast aluminum enclosure provides NEMA 4 (watertight and dusttight) and NEMA 7/NEMA 9 (explosionproof) protection to the thermostat switch. The tamper-resistant, threaded and gasketed aluminum dial cover is externally adjustable.

The B4X-15140 thermostat is approved for use in ordinary (nonclassified) locations. The B7-15140 is approved for use in both ordinary (nonclassified) and hazardous (classified) locations.

Operating Voltage: 125 - 480 VAC

B4X-15140 & B7-15140 - Mechanical Thermostats

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