Control and Monitoring Module

The CVM-12 is a microprocessor-based multipoint module developed specifically for cost-effective heat tracing monitoring. The 12-circuit module monitors loss of voltage at either the circuit breaker or the end of a heat tracing circuit (when using parallel circuitry heating cables equipped with a third continuity monitoring wire). The module can, as an alternative to voltage monitoring, be outfitted with optional current sensing transformers to detect loss of current to each heat tracing circuit.

As a modular unit, the CVM-12 is typically located within an enclosure suitable for the application. Since multiple modules can be installed in a common enclosure, the CVM-12 is ideally suited to provide cost-effective monitoring for ambient temperature-controlled power distribution panels controlling large numbers of freeze protection heat tracing circuits.

Operating Voltage: 120 or 240 VAC

CVM-12 - Control and Monitoring Module

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