Control and Monitoring Module

The TC 1818a is a multicircuit microprocessor-based temperature control and monitoring module developed specifically for heat tracing. The unit provides control and monitoring capabilities via digital information display for a maximum of 18 heat tracing circuits. The module can be configured for either process sensing control (with an RTD for each circuit) or ambient sensing control (with a user’s choice of one or two RTD inputs).

As a modular unit the TC 1818a is typically located within an enclosure suitable for the application. For maximum versatility, multiple modules can be installed in a common enclosure. Individual sixpoint sensor modules handle input to, and output from, the TC 1818a via ribbon cable connectors. Up to three input and three output modules can be connected to each TC 1818a.

Module supply voltages 110-120 or 208-240 Vac

TC1818a - Control and Monitoring Module