Heat Transfer Compound; 2-part

T-802 is a two-part low to medium temperature resin-based heat transfer compound for use in moist and corrosive environments. Thermon’s heat transfer compounds provide an efficient thermal connection between the tracer and the process equipment. By eliminating the air voids that would ordinarily exist, heat is directed into the pipe wall primarily through conduction rather than convection and radiation. A single tracer utilizing Thermon’s heat transfer compound has the equivalent performance of three to five air convection (bare) tracers.

T-802 is typically utilized for applications requiring relatively short curing times where steam is not currently available.
T-802 begins curing upon mixing. Curing times vary from 1.25 to 4 hours depending on mixing ratios and ambient temperatures and is available in 1-quart/1-gallon (1-liter/3.8-liter) cans.

Maximum Maintenance Temperature: 275°F

T-802 - Heat Transfer Compound; 2-part

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