Vessel Heating System

HeetSheet tank heating units are constructed of 26 gage type 304 stainless steel, conforming to ASTM A240. The welded waffle style pattern provides multiple flow paths reducing risk of blockage possible with single-flow designs.

For temperatures up to 375°F (191°C), a non-hardening heat transfer compound is factory applied to the surface of the HeetSheet unit that contacts the tank wall. This is to eliminate air gaps and optimize heat transfer.

HeetSheet units are available in multiple sizes and are prerolled to conform to the radius of the tank. Stainless steel tubing connections are provided for steam or other heating or cooling media. Customer supplied fittings are used to connect the inlet and outlet tubes to ThermoTube® preinsulated supply and return tubing. ThermoTube is purchased separately.

Download CompuTrace VT - Electric Heat Tracing Design Software for Tanks/Vessels

Operating Temperature Range: -320°F (-196°C) to 500°F (260°C)

HeetSheet - Vessel Heating System

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