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Complete Heat Trace Audit

The winter months lead to many industrial plants being subjected to pipes, instruments and vessels freezing resulting in expensive down time, lost production, burst pipes and water damage. To prevent this happening to your plant Thermon can provide heat trace system audit, for both hazardous and non-hazardous areas. This detailed analysis provides an opportunity to address heat trace issues and prevent costly downtime.

The lost production and revenue are only the beginning of the costs involved in rectifying the problems caused. The damaged pipes, instruments and vessels need to be repaired or replaced, the electric tracing replaced or reinstated, the thermal insulation replaced and access equipment erected for the duration of the works. Additionally, planning, construction, HSE and permit resources are all required to support this process. Clear up of the water based products and potential damage to other equipment, which will vary from plant to plant, also needs to be considered.

The key considerations to ensure long term reliability of your electric tracing systems are:

  • Engage the electric heat tracing product manufacturer to ensure quality and appropriate products are selected
  • Ensure products are suitable for lifetime of plant operation (minimum 20 years) in accordance with IEEE benchmark testing
  • Select manufacturer that can provide survey services and detailed reports on the condition of your existing electric heat tracing systems
  • Choose a manufacturer with detailed design experience with the ability to provide ‘as built’ documentation which will accurately reflect any new systems installed
  • Where required, select a manufacturer that has over 25 years’ experience in the installation of complex electric tracing projects
  • Engage the manufacturer that will maintain your system to ensure trouble free operation and avoid the need for major future refurbishment

To ensure the reliable and safe operation of your plant, get an assessment of your existing systems, which can be quickly and easily arranged.
Contact Thermon for design assistance.

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