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Offshore Oil and Gas

Offshore Platform’s, FPSO’s, FSO’s, ships and drilling rigs commonly require the application of electric heat tracing systems for the following reasons.

Freeze Protection
25% of known oil and gas resources are located in extremely cold areas and therefore ships and platforms destined for these regions and other cold locations will require varying levels of freeze protection.

Freeze protection of piping, valves, fittings and instrument tubing for fire protection water, potable water, sea and fresh cooling water, drill water and bilge water discharge.

Anti-icing (kept ice free) e.g., door seals, ballast tank vents and cargo system valves.

De-icing (ice removal in 4-6 hours) e.g., helidecks, gangways, walkways, ladders, antenna, scuppers and railings.

Freezer room doors.
Recommended heat tracing system: BSX or RSX self-regulating heating cable with ambient sensing thermostat control.

Process Temperature Maintenance
Oil and Gas products can also require electric heat tracing for process temperature maintenance of pipes, instrumentation and tanks in the following typical situations.
High wax content a • nd/or pour point of crude oil • Vapour pipelines from product tanks • Hydrate prevention on gas pipelines • Anti condensation heating on gas pipelines Recommended heat tracing system: HTSX self regulating heating cable with self regulating control.

Personnel Comfort
• Heating cables installed in the floors of changing rooms
Recommended heat tracing system: BSX or RSX self-regulating heating cable with floor sensing thermostat control.

Electric Heat Tracing Standards and Codes
Thermon heat tracing systems are tested and certified by major approval agencies to international industry and shipping standards.

Offshore Oil and Gas projects completed by Thermon worldwide.

EPCOwner Location Project
Samsung Sakhalin Energy Korea Sakhalin 2 LUN-A Oil Drilling Platform
SHI Sovcomflot Korea H1660 Artic Shuttle Tanker
Mitsubishi (MHI) Nippon Yusen Japan De icing of heliport LNG tanker
Keppel Hitachi Zosen Singapore Wooly Butt FPSO
Shanghai Waigaoqiao Bohai Oil Singapore BZ-25 FSO
Clough OMV Malaysia Maari Well Head Oil Platform
Upstream Petroleum Anzon Australia Crystal Ocean FPSO

Note . . .
This is only a partial list. Contact Thermon for a more comprehensive listing of completed and ongoing projects around the world.

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