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TC2 and TC2/XP Plus
Mechanical Thermostats

The TC2 and TC2/XP Plus, equipped with two adjustable control thermostats, are designed for heat tracing applications where a high temperature limiter is required. The first thermostatic switch energises the heater below the controller setpoint; the second switch de-energises the heater if the temperature sensed exceeds the limiter setpoint.

The TC2 is designed to be wall-mounted (or pipe-mounted using Thermon’s XP-1 stainless steel mounting bracket1) and has a PVC coated galvanised steel flexible capillary armouring complete with capillary gland and insulation entry device. The TC2/XP Plus includes an expediter to facilitate attaching the thermostat directly on the pipe2 and permits one heating cable to enter and be connected within the enclosure.

TC2 and TC2/XP Plus

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