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TC 816
Control & Monitoring Module

The TC816 is a multi-circuit microprocessor based temperature control and monitoring module developed specifically for cost-effective heat tracing. The unit provides heat tracing control and monitoring capabilities via a digital information display or remote computer (optional) for as many as 480 heat tracing circuits.

All control parameters can either be entered into the TC 816 by means of the central heat tracing control display or optional Control and Monitoring software.

In operation mode, the central heat tracing control display provides pipe temperature setpoint and measured values, heater-current (optionsl) setpoint and measured values and alarm status. All parameters are displayed per heat tracing circuit.

As required, a second TC 816 can be utilized as a temperature limiter, providing the heating cable temperature setpoint, measured value and alarm status with the relevant heat tracing pipe temperature. Enabling hazardous area requirement compatibility with the least of efforts.

Software Demos:
Paracon Demo (download)

TC 816

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