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TraceNet TCM18
Electronic Control and Monitoring

The TraceNet TCM18 is an 18-circuit microprocessor-based temperature control and monitoring module developed specifically for heat tracing. This module can be configured for either process sensing control (with either one or two RTD inputs for each circuit) or ambient proportional control (with the option of the second RTD to maintain temperature monitoring functions).

The TraceNet TCM18 provides circuit information and programming capability through the LCD digital display and a dedicated touchpad on the front of each module. Additionally, full access to control and monitoring functions can be arranged through TraceNet Command.

The TraceNet TCM18 has two RS485 ports which communicate via Modbus ASCII or RTU protocol. One port can communicate to TraceNet Command or to compatible DCS system. The second port is provided for an auxiliary RS485 communication to a dedicated Ethernet or wireless communication module located within the enclosure.

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