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HT Hopper Heating Module
Hopper Heating Module

The HT hopper heating module is a rugged, self-contained high performance heater designed for reliable operation on surfaces prone to vibration. Designed to provide heat outputs up to 4650 Watts per square metre depending on the application, the HT module distributes heat evenly over the entire panel surface. To ensure optimal performance, each system is engineered by Thermon based on the heating requirements of the application.

A parallel circuit design, based on a stamped high temperature INCONEL® heating element, provides the HT heating module with multiple flow paths for electrical current to pass. This design eliminates the burnout potential common with series wire-based designs. Protection of the heating element from vibration is achieved with a cushion layer of insulation that also directs the flow of heat from the module to the surface being heated.

The rugged construction of the module includes a tough .9 mm thick aluminized steel shell that provides mechanical protection during handling, installation and operation. Weld splatter, rust or oil will not affect the integrity or performance of the heater. The low profile design of the panel permits rapid, trouble-free installation.

Supply Voltages: 120 - 600 VAC

Maximum Maintenance Temperature: 423°C

HT Hopper Heating Module

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