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KSR for Surface Snow and Ice Melting
Self-Regulating Heating Cable

KSR self-regulating heating cables are an integral part of Thermon’s SnoTrace™ snow and ice melting systems. Designed and approved specifically for direct burial, KSR cable withstands the abuse encountered during concrete placement.

The self-regulating heat output of KSR cable varies in response to the surrounding concrete temperatures. When the concrete is at or below freezing temperatures, KSR will deliver the maximum power output. As the concrete warms-up, the power output of the cable will decrease. Energy efficiency can be accomplished without special or sophisticated controls.

Easy to Design and Install . . .
Determining the circuit layout of KSR cable for a snow and ice melting system is easy. With cut-tolength parallel circuitry, KSR cables are easily adapted to variations in design found at the job site. This can reduce or eliminate the need to redesign circuits offsite without details or sufficient time to react.

Installing and terminating the cable is easy. Simply unreel the amount of cable needed for the area/ circuit and terminate with Thermon circuit fabrication kits and accessories. Power connection, end termination and expansion joint kits are all designed specifically for the demanding application.

Operating Voltage: 230 VAC

KSR for Surface Snow and Ice Melting

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