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Tubing Bundles

ThermoTube is a single insulated process tube ideally suited to transport steam, hot or cold liquids, gases or refrigerants. Preinsulated with nonhygroscopic glass fibre, the tube is complete with a heat reflective foil wrap and a weatherresistant outer covering. Available for immediate shipment in numerous standard configurations, ThermoTube can also be manufactured in a variety of optional process tube materials, wall thicknesses and outer coverings to meet a multitude of applications.

ThermoTube is supplied in long length coils and can be quickly and easily installed. The preinsulated feature of ThermoTube allows installation to be completed in one step as opposed to multiple steps required when using fieldinstalled materials. Ease of installation is further enhanced by the ability to attach ThermoTube to existing cable trays, angles, channels, struts and I-beams.

Maximum Maintenance Temperature: 204°C


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