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TubeTrace Type SP/MP
Tubing Bundles

TubeTrace Type SP and MP with “heavy” steam trace is designed to provide freeze protection or temperature maintenance for metallic and nonmetallic tubing. TubeTrace Type SP and MP heavy steam trace is suitable for use with process analyzers, emissions analyzers, and impulse lines to pressure transmitters where steam or hot liquid is the preferred heating media.

TubeTrace Type SP and MP “heavy” steam trace is a metallic tracer tube in direct contact with the process tube. “Heavy” steam trace provides predictable heat output along the traced tube. The tracer tube and process tubes are cabled together thereby mechanically binding the tubes. This ensures consistent heat transfer and performance along the entire length by preventing separation or tube migration within the bundle.

Unlike field fabricated and insulated tubing, TubeTrace preengineered factory insulated tubing provides superior weather proofing and long term reliability.

5°C to 205°C

TubeTrace Type SP/MP

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