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Skin Effect Systems for Snow and Ice Melting

SnoTrac is the most rugged and reliable snow and ice melting system available in the world today. Based on skin effect heating technology, a SnoTrac system utilizes a rugged, thickwalled ferromagnetic “heat tube” to melt snow and ice. This heat tube, imbedded directly in concrete or asphalt, utilizes a custom designed SnoTrac conductor to safely deliver energy into the system. A truly unique feature of a SnoTrac system is its ability to provide snow melting to extremely large areas with a minimal number of circuits. Over 2,000 square feet (186 square meters) can be protected from a single power point.

Each SnoTrac system is designed, engineered and installed per the requirements of the National Electrical Code, Articles 426 and 427, which specifically address skin effect heating systems. Additionally, to assure clients and customers of the performance and safety included with each Thermon snow and ice melting system, SnoTrac skin effect systems are Factory Mutual Research approved (File J. I. 2N6A0.AF) and Underwriters Laboratories Listed (File E163149, Project 94NK14488) specifically as snow melting and deicing equipment. Thermon obtained these approvals based on a range of design conditions encountered and have supplied approvals specific to the project in question to customers who have requested them as part of the project specification.

SnoTrac™ - Skin Effect Systems for Snow and Ice Melting

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