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TraceNet ECM
Electronic Control Module

The well established Thermon Terminator range has now been extended by the Terminator ECM – Electronic Control Module. This highly accurate state of the art controller has a very wide control range and can be located in hazardous areas. It has been designed for a wide range of ambient temperatures where heat tracing for freeze protection or temperature maintenance is applied: from the Arctic (-76°F) to
Desert (+131°F) environments. The ECM is capable of switching high current ratings, and can also be supplied as a controller and/or limiter, for pipe or wall mounting.

It can be set in degrees Centigrade or Fahrenheit and provided with various data highway communication capabilities. (Standard communication port RS485-MODBUS RTU protocol) These characteristics make the Terminator ECM the most versatile and affordable local to application (or ‘pipe mounted’) controller in the market.

TraceNet ECM - Electronic Control Module Play video

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