Cryogenic Tanks - Frostheave Prevention

Frostheave Prevention of the Soil Under Cryogenic Storage Tanks
With over 50 years of Heat Tracing experience Thermon is considered an absolute top specialist for heat tracing applications. Foundation heating, Cryogenic tanks and LNG tanks in particular, is one of those applications that require the specialist. For this application the design of a foundation heating system requires a great deal of attention. The 3D FEA analysis Thermon applies in the design stage has drastically changed the views on foundation heating. Thermon is able to properly design an additional ring wall heater zone resulting in the most uniform temperature profile within the heated plane as opposed to systems that were designed using the conventional 2D FEA analysis. In this way considerable energy savings can be achieved due to reduced refrigeration capacity requirements. Apart from the power system that should be given special attention, another crucial factor in the operation of a tank foundation heating system is the proper selection of the control and monitoring system, which ensures a clear picture on the performance of the system, especially during possible abnormal operating conditions.

Since our customers expect Thermon to supply a system with a long service life and the lowest cost of ownership, we give much attention to the environmental factors. In particular, ingress of moisture into the system should be taken into account. As a specialized company, Thermon can give proper advice on precautions to be taken as well as the products to be selected.

Thermon manufactures, designs and supplies all the components that are needed in the tank foundation heating systems.

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