Shipping Applications Tankers IWW

Heat tracing is used in numerous applications for the shipping industry, each requiring specific knowledge and experience. One of the typical fields is heat tracing for deck lines on motor tank ships for oil, chemical products, bitumen and edible oil.

With substantial succes Thermon has designed heat tracing systems for freeze protection and temperature maintenance of:
• Loading and unloading lines
• Gas/vapour-return lines
• Strip and cleaning lines
• Fuel oil lines
• Storage tanks and vessels
• Deck and tank cleaning lines
• Fire protection lines
• Engine room fuel and drip lines
• Cross-over lines
• Manifolds
• Safety showers

All Thermon heat tracing cables used for the shipping industry are in compliance with the requirements of Lloyd’s Register

Maintenance up to 65°C - Heating cable type BSX

Maintenance up to 121°C - Heating cable type HTSX

All above mentioned materials comply with standards IEEE515, IEC 62086-1 and IEC 620079-30-1.

The installed heat tracing materials can either be controlled by local thermostats or by means of the Thermon TC electronic heat tracing controller TC 816 often located in the wheel house or engine room. More and more the electronic controller is used for controlling and monitoring the pipeline temperatures from one central point for safety reasons and not at least single man operation.

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