T-75 Mid-Range
Heat Transfer Compound

T-75 is a heat transfer compound specifically formulated for its smooth texture and exceptional bonding strength. The smooth texture allows for easy spreading over surface heaters such as Thermon HeetSheet® tank heating units and other plate type coils for applications above the temperature limits of Non-Hardening compounds-375°F (190°C). The compound may also be applied to steam or thermal fluid tracers that are attached to process piping and equipment for the purpose of heating or cooling. T-75 provides a highly efficient heat transfer for any surface mounted heater within its temperature range. In addition to tubular tracers, T-75 may also be applied to the surface of clamp-on heating elements or over small-bore rigid pipe tracers.

T-75 has superior surface wetting characteristics for excellent heat transfer rates where a good thermal bond is required. Contact resistance at the interface of the compound and the surface to be heated will diminish the heat transfer rate. Resistance to heat transfer is compounded due to scale, rust, grease or other contaminants that have not been removed from the contact surface before applying the heat transfer compound. Contact surfaces must be prepared just as though a paint or primer is to be applied. Surface pretreatment should be carried out in accordance with the appropriate SSPC (The Society for Protective Coatings) and NACE International (The Corrosion Society) surface preparation guides and specifications. Steam or thermal fluid tracers properly installed with T-75 will have a heat transfer coefficient of 20 to 40 Btu/hr-ft2-°F (114-227 W/m2-°C).

T-75 Mid-Range