CompuTrace® ST version 3.01

Computer Design Program for Steam Tracing on Pipes

CompuTrace-ST V3.0 is based on extensive testing and more than fifty (50) years experience in steam tracing. It provides designs to steam trace piping based on

  • “Thermonized” steam tracing circuits (steam tubing with Thermon HTCompounds) and
  •  SafeTrace Isolated Tracing products for freeze protection or lower pipe temperatures.

CompuTrace-ST V 3.0 can also compare different steam pressures and/or insulation types to yield different pipe temperatures. Contact Thermon for additional information and questions.


Note: CompuTrace-ST V3.0 supersedes all earlier versions of CompuTrace-ST which are no longer supported by Thermon.


  Download CompuTraceST®

For further information, please feel free to contact Thermon directly via email at

Specifications are Subject to Change Without Notice