TubeTrace HT
Tubing Bundles

TubeTrace HT is a pre-engineered electric traced tube bundle for steam sample lines and impulse lines to pressure transmitters. TubeTrace HT will provide water freeze protection during -40°C 10 m/s wind conditions. HT will withstand continuous steam exposure temperatures up to 400°C.

In the past, bundles subject to high temperature exposure were heat traced with series resistance mineral insulated (MI) heater cables that were custom made to length to fit each application. Measurement errors rendered bundles with MI heater cable unusable. TubeTrace HT solves this problem with Thermon parallel resistance HPT heater cable. Bundles may be purchased in long rolls and “cut-to-length” into smaller sections in the field for any application. This minimizes waste and speeds up installation and engineering time. HPT is contained within TubeTrace with a “double layer thermal insulation system” that isolates it from extreme heat exposure. TubeTrace HT bundles can be controlled with ambient sensing systems that turn heater cables on when outdoor conditions approach freezing.

TubeTrace HT bundles are designed to withstand continuous 400°C steam exposure temperature even when power is applied to the heater cable during ambient conditions of 5°C, no wind.

5°C Continuous Exposure to 400°C

TubeTrace HT

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