CWCB - Packaged Circulation Heater Circulation Heater

The Caloritech™ CWCB Packaged Circulation Heater is designed for installation in circulating loops where space is limited. The basic unit can be equipped with various control packages which will allow the heater to function as a commercial swimming pool heater, a side arm domestic water heater or commercial dishwasher booster heater, or a commercial hot water furnace for comfort or process heating.


  • Unique designs for Commercial Pool heating, Domestic Water/Dishwasher Booster heating and Comfort/Process Water heating
  • Standard controls included with each packaged unit
  • Schedule 20 galvanized steel vessel
  • Inlet, outlet and drain connnections


12" (305 mm) SCH. 20 galvanized steel shell designed to accept one or two heavy duty flange heaters with copper sheathed heating elements; shell is insulated and protected with a prepainted sheet metal casing; shell designed to the ASME code for pressure vessels
Standard control equipment contained within the heater; control compartment at one end of the casing
Hinged inner panel allows convenient access to the heaters
1.5" NPT inlet and outlet; 1.5" NPT drain
Other standard features include mounting legs, magnetic contactor(s), splitter block and on-off switch
Standard wattages range from 6 kW to 60 kW
Standard voltages range from 208V to 600V
Unit weights range from 189 lbs to 209 lbs (86 kg to 95 kg)
A variety of additional features available, depending on the heater application configuration selected -- please check Catalog Section D for details
CSA approved;