Pilot Gas Heaters Specialty Solution

The Caloritech™ Pilot Gas Heater is specifically designed to heat the pilot tube gas stream of an automatic pressure reducing valve. A large pressure reduction through the pressure reducing valve will create a temperature drop due to the Joule-Thomson effect. This temperature drop can cause moisture in the gas stream to accumulate and damage the internal seals in the valve. The Pilot Gas Heater combines a high efficiency aluminum casting with a temperature controller to maintain the pilot tube gas stream temperature regardless of the gas flow rate. This heater is designed to prevent damage to valve seals caused by freezing of entrained moisture while maintaining a temperature low enough to prevent damage by overheating. Two different control options are available. The PGH model incorporates a digital electric thermostat, and the PGHT model uses a mechanical thermostat for temperature control.


  • 1500 psig operating pressure
  • 3/8" NPT inlet and outlet connections
  • External setpoint adjustment
  • 304 series stainless steel heavy wall coiled tube

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No maintenance required
Heavy duty sheet metal casing
Compact size
Caloritech™ x-Max® anodized aluminum enclosure
CSA Type 4 ingress protection
Multiple conduit entries
304 series stainless steel heavy wall coiled tube
Aluminum casting for efficient heat transfer
1500 psig operating pressure
Replaceable heating element
High limit protection
3/8” NPT inlet and outlet connections
Standard wattages from 250W to 750W
Mounting bracket (removable for uni-strut mount)