CPS - Control Panel (Contactor Stages) Engineered Products

The Caloritech™ CPS Control Panel (Contactor Stages) is ideal in scenarios where more than two levels of staging are required. The CPS series includes a modulating temperature control driving a step control, which in turn brings on a number of contactor stages. Time delay between steps is adjustable to match the system dynamics. The high limit is a 543 manual reset, with thermocouple for -20°C to 1100°C (-4°F to 2012°F) range.


  • Digital indicating configurable microprocessor based temperature control
  • Includes disconnect switch with door interlock
  • Suitable for heater applications where staged operation is required
  • Customizable beyond standard catalog spec


Type 12 dust-tight enclosure
Optional Type 4 weather resistant enclosure
Door interlocked disconnect
2 to 12 fused contactors
Fused control circuit transformer
On/Off selector switch and pilot light
Pilot lights for each stage
High limit trip pilot light
UT350-00 digital indicating control, field or factory configurable
54-302121-206 manual reset limit
CE approved; EAC Marked