MX - Pipe Insert Specialty Heater

The Caloritech™ MX Pipe-Insert Immersion Heater is designed to provide uniformly distributed heat to storage vessels containing high viscosity liquids such as asphalt, molasses, tar, paint, glue, wax and oils without causing charring or coking. Units are installed in a suitable metal pipe contained inside the storage vessel (minimum 2" (51 mm) diameter), then heat is transferred safely from the heating element of the MX heater to the inner wall of the pipe by a combination of convection and radiation. This heater is a safe, cost-effective and virtually maintenance-free solution that eliminates the need for high maintenance pumps or open flames, which may present a fire hazard, especially when the liquid being heated is flammable.


  • Can be coiled to a 6 ft diameter to permit installation or removal where space restrictions exist
  • Heavy-duty alloy sheathed elements
  • NEMA 4 terminal box


Standard construction features heavy-duty alloy sheathed elements fitted to choice of 3" (76 mm) 150 lb steel flange or 2" (51mm) NPT screwplug; custom mounting types and sizes available on special order
Available with single hairpin element, double hairpin elements or three straight elements; double hairpin element heaters can be wired in single or three phase, open delta; three element heaters are suitable for three phase wiring only
NEMA 4 terminal box suitable for outdoor applications
Can be coiled to a 6 ft diameter to permit installation or removal where space restrictions exist
Optional built-in thermocouple for low-level liquid detection available; one 1" NPT conduit fitting provided on units without thermocouple; additional 1/2" NPT conduit fitting provided on units with built-in thermocouple
Standard wattages range from 2 kW to 16 kW, depending on mount and element types selected
standard voltages range from 208V to 600V
Standard insert lengths range from 45.3" (1150 mm) to 425.2" (10,800 mm), depending on mounting type, element type and wattage selected; custom lengths are available on special order
Optional explosion-proof housing with externally adjustable thermostat for limit sensing available
For applications that require higher kW ratings than individual pipe heaters can provide, special assemblies of closely spaced pipes mounted to a common header are available; each pipe in the header is fitted with a special heating element
Standard or custom designed control panels available
CE/ATEX approved for use in Hazardous Locations, and EAC Marked