FEB Duct Packages Accessories

Fastrax® FEDP Duct Package for electric blowers consist of an electrically isolated hollow main duct with high velocity point nozzle outlets and elevated flexible transition ductwork to effectively deliver air from Fastrax® electric blowers to the switch points.

Located in the second crib in front of the switch points, the heat output from Fastrax® electric blowers are ducted below the rails to the discharge nozzles mounted within the switch. High velocity streams of air (in excess of 200 mph) are directed at the switch points to keep the switch mechanism clear of ice and snow.


  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction.
  • Ducting and nozzle connections are electrically isolated.
  • High velocity discharge nozzles.


Heavy-duty aluminum construction
Ducting and nozzle connections are electrically isolated
High velocity discharge nozzles