FE2 - Explosion-Proof Electric Air Unit Heater Explosion-Proof Unit Heater

The Ruffneck™ FE2 heaters are CE Marked & ATEX Approved to Directive 2014/34/EC for use in hazardous locations. They are designed for dry indoor industrial applications such as oil refineries, petrochemical plants, pulp and paper mills, hazardous waste storage facilities, wastewater treatment plants, etc., where specific explosive gases or dusts maybe present. All FE2 heaters feature the VacuCore® liquid-to-air heat exchanger, which provides greater efficiency, faster warm-up and even heat distribution across the face of the exchanger. The entire core can be replaced easily and safely with a new core if required.


  • Certified for use in hazardous location areas
  • Numerous factory installed options available
  • Dual temperature high-limits for overheat protection
  • Designed for the harshest industrial hazardous location environments


models range from 2.5 - 35kW and 220- 480V
heater core assembly is contained in a sturdy, epoxy-coated, 12-gauge steel cabinet, which also houses the motor and fan assembly
adjustable louvers allow directional control of airflow
aluminum fan blades with steel spider and hub; narrow gap, two-piece fan guard provides safety against all moving parts
zinc-plated fasteners for corrosion protection
three long-life, low watt density, high grade metal-sheathed elements
optional built-in thermostat
optional built-in disconnect switch
standard metric field connection (M 32)
CE/ATEX II2, Ex d IIA & IIB T3 Zones 1 & 2, EAC marked