Fastrax® Parts Stocking Program

The Fastrax® Parts Stocking Program is part of our ongoing commitment to the success of our customers.

Standard replacement parts for Fastrax® Switchblade® and Hellfire railroad track and switch snow clearing devices are stocked in three Thermon Heating Systems factory locations: Edmonton, Alberta; Oakville, Ontario; and Denver, Colorado. The Fastrax® Parts Stocking Program keeps our customers “on track” with in-stock parts shipped within one working day of purchase order acceptance.

Customized stocking and emergency service programs are also available. For more information contact John Sullivan or Greg Harris directly.

John Sullivan, Fastrax® General Manager
Thermon Heating Systems
Phone: 1-855-244-3128
Fax: (303) 979-7350

Gregor Harris, P.Eng., Business Development Manager - Rail
Thermon Heating Systems
Phone: 1-613-294-8068