TraceNet™ TN
Control and Monitoring Systems

The TraceNet™ TN control and monitoring systems provide touch screen user interface with Windows CE operating system. With immediate access to information for up to (180) controlled heat trace circuits, TraceNet™ TN allows up to six RTD sensors per circuit and can operate in ambient temperatures from -40°C (-40°F) to +60°C (+140°F).

TraceNet™ TN modular construction provides:

  • Ease of Installation, Maintenance and Expansion
  • High Speed (125 kbps) CanBus Component Communication
  • Remote Ethernet Communication: Modbus RTU over UDP
  • Reduced Operating Costs with On-board:
    • APC (Ambient Proportional Control) and
    • Load Shedding Energy Management Functions

The TraceNet™ TN system offers the ultimate in design simplicity and versatility.

TraceNet™ TN - Control and Monitoring Systems

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