Filter Cartridges & Filter Baskets for Nuclear Applications Nuclear Products

Thermon Heating Systems nuclear filters incorporate high efficiency cartridges which provide optimum dirt holding capacity and low pressure drop. Filtering media is carefully selected to suit the specific nuclear application. A filter vessel may contain a single cartridge or a filter basket incorporating multiple cartridges. Cartridges and baskets have extraction couplings allowing remote handling using special tools. Cartridges are designed for either incineration or crushing to reduce disposal volume.


  • Seismically evaluated and qualified
  • Flexibility of media selection
  • Use in high radiation areas
  • Remote access to vessel cover and media


Seismically evaluated and qualified
Structural and operational integrity during and after earthquake
Designed and manufactured in one location
Better control of quality and on time delivery
Remote access to vessel cover and media
Quick maintenance and reduced radiation exposure
Flexibility of media selection
Same equipment can be used for different operating parameters
Disposable vessels available
Use in high radiation areas