FM - Fuel Monitor Engineered Products and Packages

The FM Series Fuel Monitor provides clean, dry fuel as the final point of filtration in aviation fueling systems. An increase in differential pressure across the unit or a corresponding decrease in flow rate indicates water and/or dirt is present in the influent fuel.


  • Optional victaulic connections for quick uncoupling
  • Internal Epoxy Coating for Carbon Steel Housings
  • Standard horizontal housing with saddle supports
  • Custom design pressures up to 3000

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designed to ASME Section VIII Div. 1 and API Bulletin 1581
150 psig standard design pressure; custom design pressures up to 3000 psig
-20°F/+160°F (-29°C/+71°C) standard design temperature
150lb ANSI RF flanged inlet/outlet nozzles (additional nozzles available as needed); 600lb NPT couplings for vent, drain, pressure gauge and air eliminator connections; custom flange ratings available
optional victaulic connections for quick uncoupling
standard aluminum housing; custom housing materials such as carbon or stainless steel available
standard horizontal housing with saddle supports; vertical housing available; quick cartridge replacement access
standard swing bolt closure; optional thru-bolt closure available; O-ring closure seal available in Buna or Viton
internal epoxy coating for carbon steel housings; electropolishing and/or passivation of stainless steel housings available; paint or coating to customer specifications available
available options include air eliminators, valves, safety relief valves, pressure gauges, liquid level gauges and sampling kits