Fulflo® Honeycomb™ Filter Cartridge General Cartridges

Multipurpose filtration solutions with wound depth cartridges. Wound cartridges provide true depth filtration utilizing hundreds of tapered filtering passages of controlled size and shape. Each layer of roving contributes to true depth filtration by trapping its share of particles. Wound cartridges offer a gradual pressure increase during cartridge life versus surface-type media that have an abrupt flow cutoff when loaded. In addition, the irregular outer layer reduces surface blinding, assuring both longer cartridge life and full cartridge utilization. Ultrafine cartridges are a unique member of the Honeycomb™ wound depth cartridge family. They are specifically designed for critical filtration applications in the 0.5µm range. When absolute 0.5µm filtration is required, the nominal Ultrafine cartridge can be used as a prefilter, thereby significantly extending membrane life. Ultrafine cartridges remove 90% of particles larger than 0.5µm in size. This type of filtration provides excellent protection for equipment or processes that must be protected from fine particles. Effective removal ratings at nominal 90% efficiency from 0.5µm to 150µm range. Typical applications include oxidizing agents, alkalies, potable liquids, dilute acids and alkalies, mineral acids, organic acids and solvents, petroleum oils, photo solutions, amines, water and prefiltration for membranes.


  • A broad range of media provide excellent compatibility
  • Multiple length cartridges minimize changeout time
  • Continuous strand winding geometry provides performance consistency
  • Special snap-in extender is available for polypropylene cores

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a broad range of media provide excellent compatibility with a variety of organic solvents, animal, petroleum and vegetable oils
optional core covers and end treatments assure fiber migration control
multiple length cartridges minimize changeout time, eliminate spacers and are available to fit competitive filter vessels
FDA grade polypropylene (DOE only) certified to ANSI/NSF61 standard for contact with drinking water components
continuous strand winding geometry provides performance consistency
one-piece metal extended center core option eliminates the need for cartridge guides in all competitive and Fulflo® multicartridge vessels
a special snap-in extender is available for polypropylene cores
cotton, rayon, polypropylene, nylon and polyester materials are FDA listed as acceptable for potable and edible liquid contact according to CFR Title 21
various o-ring and end cap options are available