Gas Filter Separator Engineered Products and Packages

The GFS Series Gas Filter Separator removes moisture, liquid mists, aerosol and contaminants from hydrocarbon gases, including natural gas, propane, butane and methane, using a three-stage design. The first stage removes gross water by impingement on cartridge stools. The second stage coalesces water using cartridges, with particulate removal down to 0.5 micron. During the third stage, a stainless steel vane mist eliminator removes any remaining moisture. Water collects in the sump to be purged from the system, and clean, dry gas passes through the outlet. The GFS is ideal for use in a wide range of applications, including chemical/petrochemical/natural gas plants, pipelines, refineries, compressor and metering/regulation stations, and power generation plants.


  • Multi-staged for better efficiency with low pressure drop
  • Design pressures available up to 3000 psig
  • Custom housing materials available
  • Skid packaged configuration with controls and heating equipment available

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designed to ASME Section VIII Div. 1
single, duplex or multiplex arrangement; skid packaged configuration with controls and heating equipment available
design pressures available up to 3000 psig
-20°F/+150°F (-29°C/+66°C) standard design temperature
6000lb NPT couplings for vent, drain and pressure gauge connections (additional nozzles available as needed)
carbon steel standard housings; custom housing materials available
horizontal configuration with sump (sump heater available); optional vertical configuration; 3L Pogo (spring-assisted) or hydraulic jack headlift on vertical models
multi-staged for better efficiency with low pressure drop; quick access cartridge replacement
standard swing bolt closure; optional thru-bolt closure available; O-ring closure seal available in Buna or Viton
external primer finish and internal epoxy coating for carbon steel housings; electropolishing and/or passivation of stainless steel housings available; paint or coating to customer specifications available
optional manual, pneumatic or electric drainage control packages available
available options include three way valves, safety relief valves, pressure gauges, liquid level gauges and working platform