MCN - Fulflo® MegaFlow™ Filter Cartridge General Cartridges

High flow capacity pleated filter cartridges. Fulflo® MegaFlow™ cartridges provide a cost effective alternative to wound and other 2 1/2" OD style filter cartridges in high flow applications such as reverse osmosis pre-filtration and similar applications where nominal efficiency is sufficient. Each MegaFlow™ cartridge can handle flow rates up to 175 gpm (662 lpm), significantly reducing the number of cartridges required and the housing size. Each 6" (152 mm) diameter MegaFlow™ cartridge has flow capacity equal to 8 standard 2 1/2" OD x 40" long filter cartridges. Positive o-ring seals and a built in handle make cartridge installation reliable, fast and easy. MegaFlow™ cartridges are available in either pleated polypropylene or cellulose media with nominal ratings of 0.5, 1, 5 and 10 micron. Typical applications include potable water, waste water, reverse osmosis pre-filtration, lubricating oil and coolants.


  • High flow capacity allows smaller housings and less capital expenditure
  • Built in handle makes change fast, easy and safe
  • High flow Capacity Means Fewer Cartridges and Reduces Labor Costs to Change
  • Horizontal and Vertical Housings are Available

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high flow capacity means fewer cartridges and reduces labor costs to change
high flow capacity allows smaller housings and less capital expenditure
built in handle makes change fast, easy and safe
o-ring seal assures filtration integrity
choice of polypropylene or cellulose media allows use in both aqueous and non-aqueous fluid applications
thermally bonded polypropylene and phenolic resin bonded cellulose filter media prevent particle bleed through and unloading that commonly occurs with wound cartridges
high surface area pleated design provides lower pressure drop and longer service life than other cartridges
all materials of construction in polypropylene cartridges comply with FDA regulations per CFR Title 21
horizontal and vertical housings are available for flow rates up to 3,325 gpm (12,586 lpm)