RCP & RMG - Fulflo® ParMax™ Filter Cartridge General Cartridges

Large-diameter high-flow elements. The best of pleated and large diameter technologies are combined in the ParMax™ high flow filter cartridges. ParMax™ cartridges are available with polypropylene and microfiberglass media in absolute (99.98%) ratings from 1 to 90 micron. The unique layered construction provides excellent retention across a wide range of flux rates. One 6" diameter cartridge can handle up to 500 gpm flow (60" length). The inside-to-outside flow allows for a high contaminant holding capacity. High flow and a long filter life make the ParMax™ an ideal choice for a wide variety of critical process applications. Typical applications include process water, water, spirits and food & beverage.


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large diameter yields much higher flow rates compared to traditional 2.5" filters
high flow capacity permits use of fewer elements and cuts capital expenditure
inside-out flow pattern ensures positive capture of contaminants
absolute retention ratings for critical filtration
all materials listed as acceptable for potable and edible contact according to CFR Title 21
manufactured with strict quality control