Strainers for Nuclear Applications Nuclear Products

Strainers are used to remove coarse suspended particles from fluid systems. Thermon Heating Systems supplies strainers for capturing resin fines from deep bed ion exchange columns, up-stream strainers to protect pumps and other hydraulic rotating machinery and strainers for miscellaneous applications. The broad product line includes: cast Y strainers, fabricated Tee strainers, in-line strainers, blow down strainers and duplex strainers. Strainer baskets are manufactured using either perforated stainless sheets or, for finer straining, wire mesh sandwiched between perforated sheets for strength. Baskets are designed for high rupture pressure.


  • Produced under rigorous quality control
  • Disposable vessels available
  • Baskets are designed for high rupture pressure
  • Maintenance free operation


Design Codes ASME, RCCM
Meets appropriate jsurisdictional requirement
ASME stamps N, NPT, U, U2, UM
Produced under rigorous quality control
Seismically evaluated and qualified
Structural and operational integrity during and after earthquake
Carbon steel and austenitic alloys construction
Cost benefit and extended design life
Designed and manufactured in one location
Better control of quality and on time delivery
Maintenance free operation
No exposure for operating personnel
Flexibility of media selection
Same equipment can be used for different operating parameters
Disposable vessels available
Use in high radiation areas