T-3 Heat Transfer Compound

T-3 heat transfer compound now has higher temperature ratings than ever before while still creating an efficient thermal bond between a steam or electric heater and process pipes or equipment. A single “Thermonized ™”steam tracer utilizing Thermon’s heat transfer compound is more cost effective than a contoured clamp-on jacket and has the equivalent performance of three to five bare tracers.
The new and improved T-3 now boasts maximum exposure temperature ratings of 450°C (850°F). To minimize waste and speed installation, use Thermon’s ChannelTrace™ system featuring TFK channels. The ChannelTrace system provides protection prior to installation of thermal insulation and eliminates special curing procedure for the new and improved T-3 heat transfer compound.


  • Increase heat transfer rates significantly over bare tracing, reducing the number of passes of steam tracers with fewer steam circuits
  • Fewer steam tracers also reduce installation time; and ChannelTrace reduces or eliminates waste
  • The new and improved T-3 Heat Transfer Compound is water-soluble for easy cleanup
  • Requires no special curing procedure for HTCompounds and tracing installed under TFK channels


T-3-1 3.79-liter (1-gallon) pail
T-3-2 7.58-liter (2-gallon) pail
T-3-5 18.93-liter (5-gallon) can
Maximum exposure temperature (ASTM E2550) 454°C (850°F)
Minimum exposure temperature -196°C (-320°F)
Minimum installation temperature 0°C (32°F)
Nominal electrical resistivity 0.86 ohms-cm (0.34 ohms-inch)
Shelf life (unopened) 1 year
Bond Strength (ASTM D1002) 1380 kPa (> 200 lbs/in2)
Water-soluble Yes