T-85 Heat Transfer Compound

The New & Improved T-85 is a pre-mixed epoxy-based heat transfer compound with higher temperature ratings and the highest possible bond strength for use in moist and corrosive environments. T-85 is typically utilized on pumps, valves and equipment where maximum bond strength for tracing installation is needed.

The new T-85 HTCompound boasts exposure temperature limits up to 232°C (450°F). The New T-85 now boasts a shelf life of over one-year… the longest available in the industry!


  • Non soluble in water - no special curing required
  • Epoxy base creates the strongest mechanical bond of all HTCompounds
  • Suitable for moist or corrosive environments
  • 300 ml Cartridges allow easy application on pumps and valves and other irregular surfaces.


Container sizes
T-85-C 300 ml (10.1 oz) cartridges
T-85-1 4 liters (1.06 gallons)
T-85-5 20 liters (5.28 gallons)
Maximum exposure temperature (ASTM E2550) T-85 232°C (450°F)
Minimum exposure temperature -320°F (-196°C)
Minimum installation temperature T-85 ambient temperature 0°C (32°F)
T-85 product temperature 10°C (50°F)
Heat transfer coefficient U tracer to pipe wall 114-227 w/m2-°C (20-40 Btu/hr-°F-ft2)
Electrical resistivity 57 ohms/cm (146 ohms/inch)
Shelf life (unopened) 1 year
Bond Strength (ASTM D1002) > 20,700 kPa (> 3000 lbs/in2)
Water-soluble No
Leachable Halogens (ASTM C871) < 200 ppm