Announcing the release of Genesis Controller Software Version 1.5.

October 7, 2022

Genesis Controller plays an essential role in heat tracing applications, which range from freeze protecting water lines to maintaining elevated process temperatures. The Controller hardware is built on a modular framework allowing simple configuration of various circuit counts in a single panel. Genesis Controller is a fully featured control and monitoring solution necessary for critical heat tracing applications.

Advancements in technology have made electronic control and monitoring units both cost effective and more reliable. These systems conserve energy, extend system life, and ensure accurate temperatures are maintained, for reduced operating cost and increased plant reliability.

  • Multiple RTD Types

    1. Control
    2. Monitor Only
    3. Monitor + Alarm
    4. Monitor + Trip
    5. Monitor + Alarm + Trip

  • German Language Support

Thermon’s commitment to releasing new features several times per year offers enhancements to existing installations of the Genesis Controller platform. Genesis Controllers are native to the Genesis Network’s enhanced monitoring capability (Genesis Controller) . If your operation has specific needs, please reach out to your local Sales Representative or Product Manager to request new features or enhancements.

Please visit the Thermon Software Download Portal