Announcing the release of Genesis Network Software Version 1.5

September 29, 2022

The Genesis Network delivers full operational awareness and supervisory control over heat trace systems consisting of Thermon and third party products. Genesis Network connects all heat trace controllers to the control room via wireless mesh communications or wired ethernet. In the control room, alarms and performance history are logged and displayed to operators, maintenance teams, and management via a user-friendly browser-based interface accessible from any PC or tablet.

The Genesis Network platform is the foundation of Technology Enabled Maintenance for heat trace systems. Thermon enables optimized use of plant assets and energy, saving significantly on operational costs.

Genesis Network Version 1.5 new features:

  • OPC UA data source
  • Long-loop speed improvements
  • Server health monitor
  • General stability in the platform (OTA and nuisance communication errors)

Thermon’s commitment to releasing new features several times per year offers enhancements to existing installations of the Genesis Network platform. If your operation has specific needs, please reach out to your local Sales Representative or Product Manager to request new features or enhancements.

Please visit the Thermon Software Download Portal