T-99 old


Heat Transfer Compound

T-99 is a specialty high temperature heat transfer compound formulated to provide high thermal stability and bond strength up to 1204°C (2200°F). Unlike other grades of heat transfer compounds, it is also electrically non-conductive (when cured). It is supplied ready to use and may be applied by hand troweling to fill TFK channels.

T-99 resists thermal and mechanical shock and provides an efficient heat transfer rate with a high bond strength. In order to promote good surface wetting and ensure contact, the surfaces of traced valves, pumps and other equipment must be prepared just as though a paint or primer is to be applied. Oil, grease, dirt, rust, scale, etc., must be removed. The use of solvents and emulsions along with scraping, chipping a
nd wire brushing are common pre-treatment techniques for steel surfaces.


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