Fulflo™ 336

336 - Fulflo® 336 Pleated Cartridge

General Cartridges

Pleated cartridge construction improves filtration efficiency, dirt holding capacity and flow rates.

Fulflo® Pleated 336 size filter cartridges provide highly efficient removal of solid contaminants from a variety of petrochemical, refinery and oilfield applications. Cartridges are manufactured from premium grade phenolic impregnated cellulose and polypropylene blown media.

These structures provide superior removal efficiency. The cartridges are available in 3µ, 10µ, 12µ, 22µ, and 100µ pore sizes. (99.98% removal; ß = 5000).

Typical applications include petrochemical, refineries, oil fields, produced water, amines and glycols.


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