MCN - Fulflo Megaflow Filter Cartridge

MFA - Fulflo® MegaFlow™ Plus Filter Cartridge

General Cartridges

Absolute rated, high flow capacity, pleated filter cartridges.

Fulflo® MegaFlow™ Plus cartridges are ideally suited for high flow applications where absolute particle removal is required. Each MegaFlow™ Plus cartridge can handle flow rates up to 175 gpm (662 lpm), significantly reducing the number of cartridges required, as well as the housing size. Each 6" (152 mm) diameter MegaFlow™ Plus cartridge has flow capacity equal to 8 standard 21/2" OD x 40" long cartridges. Positi
ve o-ring seals and a built in handle make cartridge installation reliable, fast and easy.

MegaFlow™ Plus cartridges are available with pleated polypropylene media for use in a wide variety of fluids. Absolute ratings range from 1 µm to 150 µm.

Typical applications include potable water, vegetable oil, wastewater, lubricants, food & beverage and coolants.

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