PCC - Fulflo® PCC (Pleated Cellulosic) Cartridge

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Unique cartridge construction improves particle retention, service life and flow rates.

Fulflo® Pleated Cellulosic Cartridges meet a broad range of critical filtration applications. Each cartridge in the Fulflo® Pleated cellulosic series is manufactured with premium grade, phenolic impregnated, cellulosic filter media. Phenolic resin locks the cellulosic fibers into a rigid, porous matrix. This structure provides superior particle removal and particle retention performance under the most severe conditions.

Fulflo® Pleated Cartridges are available in 2µm, 3µm, 10µm, 30µm and 60µm pore sizes (99%+ removal: ß = 100).

Typical applications include chemical, process gas, oil field, petroleum, photographic, coatings, paint, film & paper, ink & resins, metal treatment, process water, synthetic fibers and recording media.

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