XTL - Fulflo XTL (Extended Life) Filter Cartridge

Fulflo® XTL™ (Extended Life) Filter Cartridge

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Technologically advanced wound cartridge design doubles cartridge life and improves performance.

The unique construction of the patented* Fulflo® XTL™ (extended life) cartridges provides twice the average life of conventionally wound cartridges for process fluid filtration. Computer modeling has optimized the wound cartridge geometry maximizing the use of the internal cartridge surface area. The enhanced design provides improved dirt-holding capacity (twice the average) over standard wound cartridges, whileproviding true controlled-depth filtration.

Fulflo® XTL cartridges are available in nominal (90%) ratings of 1µm, 3µm, 5µm, 10µm, 20µm and 30µm.

Typical applications include potable liquids, organic solvents, process water, photoprocessing, lubricants, RO prefiltration, amines and chemical process.


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