FBO Filter Assembly

FBO Filter Assembly

Industrial Cartridges

FBO-10 and FBO-14 filter assemblies are designed to meet the toughest hydrocarbon refueling conditions and provide for ease of filter change outs. The FBO Assembly can flow 25 gpm/95 lpm or up to 75 gpm/230 lpm depending on the model, the elements installed and fuel being filtered.

The FBO assembly can be used on mobile refuelers or installed in refueling cabinets. The unit can also be used for diesel fuel dispensing pumps or as a primary fuel filter/water separator for large diesel engines or as bulk fuel handling, fuel transfer, and other higher flow applications.

Typical applications include jet fuel, aviation gas, diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene, JP4, JP5 and JP8. Typical installations include aviation fuel trucks, aviation fueling cabinets, diesel fuel dispensing systems, marine fuel docks and fuel systems on large diesel engines.

These versatile housings have three filter options to meet various requirements: a fuel filter/water separator, a silicone treated filter, and a water absorber. For fuel dispensing applications the fuel filte
r/water separator filter is recommended.

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