FCC Clay Canisters & FCCB Clay Bags

FCC Clay Canisters & FCCB Clay Bags

Industrial Cartridges

Clay bags and canisters are especially important in the removal of surfactants from jet fuels. Surfactants or surface acting agents and fuel additives are often injected at various points of fuel distribution. These surfactants and additives must be removed before the fuel flows through the filter/separator or they will disarm the coalescer element.

Clay canisters (FCC) and clay bags (FCB) are constructed with the finest Georgia Attapulgus clay and use maximum media surface area to offer outstanding clay media filtration. This construction offers maximum water resistance and absorption capabilities. This combination provides maximum protection for downstream coalescer elements, which are so important in jet fuel and other fuel filtration.

Our clay bags and canisters are designed to fit standard industry vessels where 7 x 18 or 7 x 19 cartridges are used. Sturdy bail or strap handles assist maintenance personnel during change-outs. Our construction minimizes shipping damage and media settling during transit. Clay canisters and bags are also specified for surfactant removal from kerosene, gasoline, diesel fuels, and industrial lubricating, hydraulic and insulating oils.

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